We offer a wide range of nail services. All done by professionally trained nail technicians. If you have any questions, please contact us or click below to arrange an appointment.

Please see below our range of services.


Nail treatments using young nails and CND shellac.

Full set of pink & white Acrylic nails – 60mins – £40.00
Full set of Acrylic nails with Shellac polish – 60mins – £42.00
Nail art times will vary – price upon request

In-fill and re-shape – 60mins – £26.00
In-fill with Shellac – 60mins – £33.00
Backfill basic – 60mins – from £31.00

Nail repair – 15mins+ – from £4.00
(£2.00+ when done with infills)

Tidy up£12.50
Tidy up with Shellac£19.00
Removal of Acrylic£15.00
SLICKPOUR straight on inc file and pushing
Back of cuticles£22.00
As above with removal first£25.00

CND Shellac.

CND Shellac 14+ days of high performance wear, zero dry time, easy soak off removal.

Shellac straight on including file and pushing back of cuticles£20.50
As above with removal first (prices available for fingers & toes)£24.00
Removal of Shellac£8.50


Nailtiques Manicure – 45mins – £18.00
Tailor made to suit your nail. Cuticle work, file and shape, hand massage and polish application.

French Manicure – 50mins – £20.00
As above including French polish

File & polish (Hands or Feet) – 20mins – £8.00